The use of green silicon carbide:

The use of green silicon carbide:

green silicon carbide

1. Abrasive industry: sandblasting, surface treatment, silicon carbide nozzles, grinding and polishing of optical glass, hard alloys, titanium alloys, and bearing steel, grinding of high-speed steel cutting tools;

2. Grinding tool industry: resin grinding wheel and ceramic grinding wheel, cutting blade, sanding cloth and belt, high-temperature silicon carbon rod heating element, etc;

3. Ceramic industry: high-temperature non-oxide ceramics, reactive sintered silicon carbide ceramics, pressureless sintered silicon carbide ceramics, etc;

4. Refractory materials: refractory lining of smelting furnace, deoxidizer for steelmaking, cast iron tissue modifier, refractory bricks, high-temperature furnace components, support components, tapping tank, inner lining of molten iron ladle, etc;

5. Electrical and chemical industry: electric heating components, high-temperature semiconductor materials, far-infrared plates, lightning arrester valve materials, chemical pipelines, valves, etc;

6. Wear resistant industry: such as coating on steam/water turbine impellers, wear-resistant pipelines, pump chambers, cyclones, mining hoppers, solar water heaters on highways, aviation runways, etc.

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