Storage method of silicon carbide micropowder

Storage method of silicon carbide micropowder
In order to avoid the quality of silicon carbide micropowder being affected by the doping of external substances, it is usually necessary to pay attention when storing it. The first point is to keep it away from residential areas to prevent dust pollution.
①Keep away from naked flames. The storage room should be cool and ventilated.
②Silicon carbide powder storage site should be equipped with fixed fire water facilities and small dry powder, carbon dioxide and other fire extinguishing equipment.
③ Lighting, exhaust fans, switches, etc. in the storage room must have dust-proof and explosion-proof functions.
④Sunshade and rainproof measures should be taken in the open-air storage place of silicon carbide micropowder.
⑤It cannot be mixed with alkali, acid and oxidant, and should be stored in separate warehouses.
After the above measures are taken, it is necessary to carry out regular patrol inspections on the storage of silicon carbide micropowder, so as to grasp the storage status at any time and realize safe storage.

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