220 Grit Black silicon carbide 220 Grit FEPA F220 )


220 Grit Black silicon carbide 220 Grit FEPA F220 )

Product introduction

Grit Black silicon carbide is made from quartz sand and petroleum coke(smokeless acetylene)  as the main raw material.it is made via light resistance from hydrometallurgical,it is black opaque body hexagonal crystal and MOHS -hardness in the 9.3,which is after diamond and boron carbide with crisp and sharp performance and certain degree of conductive heat.

Grit Black silicon carbide Application

For abrasives, grinding electronics, metallurgical additive.

For special ceramics, foam ceramics.

For auto parts, war industry and aviation, steelmaking.

For abrasives and cutting tools and cutting disks made of SiC.

For grinding, honing, water-jet cutting and sandblasting.

For lapping and polishing ,metallurgical additive and refractory material.

Grit Black silicon carbide Specification

Grit Black silicon carbide chemical composition








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